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Ahhhhhhhhh!!! :O
Ahhhhhhhhh!!! :O
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Intense fear of a specific object, situation, or activity classified as an anxiety disorder.
3 categories:
1) Specific- fear of one thing
2) Social- fear of being embarassed in public
3) Agoraphobia- fear of open public spaces


Physical: unsteady feeling, dizzy, light headed, sweating, nausea, shaking, chest pain, and eccelerated heart rate.
Emotional: depression, anxiety


Traumatic life experiences that may or may not be remembered, or may be behaviors that are learned over time.


Sometimes people can manage to overcome it on their own or seek professional treatment, therapy or medical.


by Edward Owen

January 13, 2008
What if you were afraid of a common, everyday object to such a degree that it became a phobia? Tom suffered from dentisorichalcumophobia, the fear of keys. He had avoided them his whole life, had planned for every situation. Except Maggie.
Dentisorichalcumophobia . That's what Dr. Cole called it. Unfortunately for Tom, there was no Latin word for "key", so the literal translation was fear of brass teeth'. Tom felt that was probably more accurate anyway. That's exactly what keys reminded Tom of, little, nasty, sharp brass teeth, just waiting to cut and gnaw into his skin. Just the thought of holding one in his hand made him clammy and nauseous. For a city dweller in the twenty first century, Tom's phobia had created an endless parade of life challenges.


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